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Forever Young: Skincare with SOBO

My mom has taught me many things: how to speak my mind with with grace, how to find a bargain, and how to take care of my skin.

Skin care is another habit that I'm working on this year. I bought better facial lotion with stronger SPF. I force myself to wash my face, no matter how tired I am. The whole moisturize at night thing has not caught on quite yet.

That's why I was eager to test out the Ultra Age-Repairing Cream from SOBO Skincare. My skin was at a low-point between the changing of seasons and a cold. My skin felt thirsty for something natural. SOBO fit the bill.

They're an indie skin care company that creates products that are natural, wholesome, honest, and effective. They stay away from sulfates, dyes, and fragrances. Instead, they fill their products with natural ingredients--think jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil. SOBO even avoids excess packaging that creates unnecessary waste. They're my kind of brand

I tested the Ultra Age-Repairing Cream and found it to be truly moisturizing. The cream is thick. It doesn't take very much to cover your face and neck. When first applied, it appeared a tad oily. However, the moisturizer was quickly absorbed. My skin feels hydrated and soft. 

I'm really with SOBO's products, which is great because I love their brand philosophy. At $64, the cream is a bit pricey for my current season of life. I think I'd stick with my normal moisturizer with SPF for the daytime and use SOBO's cream for nights and dryer seasons.

They've got a natural face wash that is next on my list to try. If you've tried any SOBO products-- like their youth serum, their eye serum, or their moisturizer-- I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Y'all can enjoy 25% off of your purchase with SOBO as readers of my blog. Just use the code TRYSOBO .

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This year is the last year before the "rest of my life." Besides doing the normal senior things--checking things of my bucket list, savoring moments with friends, and enjoy the lack of real responsibility-- I'm also trying to create habits that I can use in the next season of life.


1. Be less technology dependent

I read the the distraction-free iPhone last week. It was the push I needed to heed the Holy Spirit's calling to craft a life I loved instead of crafting a documented life.

2. Exercise regularly

My exercise regimen started with a failed attempt to run a 10k while abroad in Madrid. Now, I work out every day, alternating between Pilates and HIIT workouts. Exercise gives me a strength and confidence that I honestly have not previously felt. It's quickly becoming a passion of mine. I hope to share some of my favorite workouts in the coming weeks.

3. Eat healthily

This habit has been by far the hardest to accomplish. I truly love the taste of fruits and veggies. However, I've trained my mind to think that these things cannot bring me the same fullness and pleasure that a piece of cake can. Right now, I'm exploring healthy recipes and learning moderation.

4. Love truly

If love is a verb, I've been living in the passive voice. Love is hard.  It means biting my tongue and swallowing my pride. But let me tell you, it's so satisfying to see its manifestations in my life. Each sacrifice makes me want to give still more for the ones and the One that I love.

5. Worry less

There is so much that I could say about this. I'm not sure that it's quite ready to see the light of the Internet. Suffice it to say, I'm finally dealing with my anxiety. It is such a freeing thing.

6. Keep dabbling

I've said it before and I've said it again: I'm a dabbler. My latest effort is fashion styling with Keaton Row. It's completely free for all of my clients (plus you get free shipping!) They've got brands like ASOS and Nordstrom. Anyways, I'd love for you to sign up and to request a free lookbook. You aren't obligated to buy a thing!

Habits are tricky things. But I love a challenge. 

What habits are you forming or breaking in your life?

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Styling, yet another adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a full-time job for after college. I'm excited to know what I'm doing after college, although the reality of being a real adult hasn't quite hit yet.

I'm a dabbler by nature, so I'm always looking to try something new. My latest adventure? Personal styling!

Through Keaton Row , I'm able to help clients find their personal style--at no cost to them. It's as easy as visiting my personal page , telling me what you're looking for, and letting me create a personal lookbook with my suggestions for you. You aren't obligated to buy anything.

The whole thing is free for you and fun for me. It's a win-win!

Keaton Row Stylist

As a side note, I'm going to try to post more consistently. I've got tons of ideas, but I've been lacking in focus. 

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Thoughts on Ferguson

I have started this post four times, and couldn't find the words to say. My eyes and heart are weary, but I keep reading about Ferguson. I find article after article, reading all the way down to the often misguided comments.

The fact that African Americans are still fighting this fight to be looked at as human is discouraging, and I am angry at how often minorities are asked to prove that racism still exists. It does.  On the way down to Vanderbilt, my family had an experience that felt like we were in a time warp. We entered a restaurant hoping to get some breakfast to-go. The staff ignored us. We called them out on it. They still made no effort to serve us, so my family and I high-tailed it out of there. Racism isn't always that overt, but I can assure you that it is still more pervasive than you think.

One would hope that Christians would be different. That servants of the God who loves justice and his Son who sought out the disenfranchised would stand up against injustices. Instead I hear... well, nothing. (Or defenses of prejudice, but that is a whole other issue.)

I'm not going to write a political analysis about Ferguson. The police were wrong to shoot an unarmed man six times. Mike Brown was wrong to steal from a store. The people in his community were wrong to loot. Satan is busy whispering lies of hate and indifference. And the church is buying it.

Ferguson; racism; James; christianity
James is the book of the the Bible that I go to when I need a kick in the pants. I started reading it to jumpstart my senior year, and was surprised by the parallels between James and the situation in Ferguson. James condemns favoritism (read prejudice.) He tells the church that faith without deeds is dead and that believers should actually do what the Bible says. (Do you know how much the Bible talks about justice? A whole lot.)  If you are a believer, I encourage you to prayerfully read through James and let the Holy Spirit speak to you.

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Senior Year in Six Words

I am a senior in college. At first, those words were scary to say. Now they're a bit more familiar.  I'm starting to like how they sound.

It's been eight months since I've seen this place. Eight months since I've hugged my friends. These past few days have been a blur of God showing me that I am loved much. I'm thankful.

This will be the last year that all of my friends are in one city, on one campus. I surely won't waste it. Here are my senior year goals in six simple words:

1. Seek God

2. Slow down

3. Show love

Taylor Bryant; College Senior; back to school; goals
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I hope you'll join me in figuring out what living these goals looks like!

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Swerve: Back in Business and Better than Ever

Taylor Bryant; entrepreneur; lifestyle blogger; nashville; chicago; digital marketer
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Summer is generally my time of renewal. In the past, I referred to summer as the season where I am myself. That wasn't the case for most of this summer. Working a full-time internship, commuting for at least two hours each way, and juggling freelance jobs made for an exhausting fourteen weeks.

Through it all, I was trying to ideate a business. It's been a dream to be an entrepreneur. I came up with a concept that I spent the summer tweaking, demolishing, and completely reworking. My passions and a business failed to line up, no matter what I did.

Something changed this week. I realized that these skills I took for granted were valuable and that I was passionate about living into them.

Words flow out of my fingers incessantly. I'm always editing down my sentences, making sure they are saying just enough. Talking to entrepreneurs switches my brain into strategy mode. These people are living their dreams and I immediately want them to be successful at it. I tend to give entrepreneurs a few tips just because I believe in dreamers. My friends come to me for advice in the job search. Every well-worded email counts, right?

 I'm not starting a business so much as sharing myself. This website was a chance for me to define and organize that work that I already love doing.Visit my new website to learn more about how we can work together.

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